EMPIRE Gaming Stream Team Application
Welcome to the EMPIRE Gaming Stream Team Application, we are happy to hear you are interested in being a member of our organization.

Required Prerequisites:
-Affiliate Status.
-Minimum of 250 followers.
-Minimum of 10 concurrent viewership over last 30 days.
-Relative Schedule.

Streamer Requirements:
-Join EMPIRE Discord.
-EMPIRE Discord Panel and EMPIRE Website Panel.
-EMPIRE Command running every 30 minutes in chat.
-Community Involvement, the more you get involved the more we can support you!

The Organization Will Not Tolerate:
-Racist remarks.
-Homophobic remarks.
-Sexist remarks.
-Promotion of cheats or exploits.
-Partaking in doxing.

We will contact you regardless of the outcome of your application, there is no need to reach out to us.

Age: *
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Twitch Partner or Affiliate? *
What time zone are you (GMT + or -)? *
Please join our Discord (discord.gg/KAkqbTD) and include your FULL Discord username below. *
How many hours a week do you stream? *
Do you stream on a schedule?
Please go to https://www.twitch.tv/YOURCHANNEL/dashboard/stats and upload a SCREENSHOT (FULL PAGE) of your data from the LAST 30 DAYS (we want to see the top bar and the bar graph, you may go cover revenue after if you wish):
What makes you a good fit for EMPIRE, why should we chose you?
Did anyone from EMPIRE refer you, if so who?
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