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Use this form to apply for membership to Mu Alpha Theta for the 2020-2021 school year.
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Students can compete in any subject you are currently taking. Please select only ONE subject. If competing in Statistics, TWO subjects may be chosen.
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Fill out the following table according to your past math class grades.
Algebra 1 - 1st Sem
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Algebra 2 - 1st Sem
Algebra 2 - 2nd Sem
Trigonometry - 1st Sem
Trigonometry - 2nd Sem
Analysis of Functions - 1st Sem
Analysis of Functions - 2nd Sem
Pre-Calculus - 1st Sem
Pre-Calculus - 2nd Sem
Calculus - 1st Sem
Calculus - 2nd Sem
Statistics - 1st Sem
Statistics - 2nd Sem
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Mu Alpha Theta frequently sends out texts via the Remind system. Before submitting this application, text "@cbhsmao21" to 81010 to join the Remind. If you do not join the Remind, you will likely miss important club announcements.
Verifying Grades
Email a copy of your Virtual Counselor Graduation Information to and write "MAO Virtual Counselor" in the subject line.
Next Steps
After you have payed, completed this form, and emailed your Virtual Counselor report, you will be notified if you've achieved membership into Mu Alpha Theta.
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