Spring 2018 Outdoor & Handyfolk Work Day
Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 10am-2pm. Come when you want, do want you want, and leave when you want.

Anyone out there in our community. This is a great opportunity for folks looking to fulfill volunteer hours. Please keep in mind that although this community event is family friendly and we always have tons of fun, it is not designed to be a children's play event.

The U School
3630 Plaza Dr. 5A & 6A
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

* Outdoor Cleanup - Rake, blow, and bag leaves.
* Turn the soil and plant spring crops in the garden bed closest to the school.
* Turn the soil and plant flowers in the furthest garden bed from the school.
* Forest Trail Maintenance - Remove hazard stumps, broken/dead limbs & buckthorn.
* Sandbox - Dump new sand.
* Level Ground for New Outdoor Storage Sheds.
* Build New Outdoor Storage Sheds.
* Large Outdoor Shed - Clean and organize.
* Place Four Post Holes on Top of the Hill (northeast corner) - dig, cement, and place posts in level.
* Cover the top of the switchback trail with wood chips. Wood chip under the picnic tables and area for more tables.
* Stake and string around wildflower areas.
* Clean Outside Windows.
* Water Seal Untreated Wood Parkour Elements.
* Relocate Slack Line.

* Spring Cleaning - windows, walls, etc.

* Wheelbarrows.
* Outdoor Tools - rakes, shovels, pruners, and shears.
* Assemby Tools - screwdrivers, drills, etc.
* Electric Sander for Sanding Parkour Elements.
* Brushes for Water Sealing Parkour Elements.
* Any questions, let us know (email: ryan@theubuntuschool.org)

Organic Apples, Organic Aussie Bites, and water for all participants.

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