Coveo Community Awards 2019
At Coveo, we are constantly inspired by the amazing ways our customers and partners use and apply our AI-powered search technology to deliver personalized, relevant experiences for their employees, partners and customers.

At Impact 2019, we will once again celebrate our Customers and partners' successes with our Coveo Community Awards. These awards are:

- The Coveo Innovators Award
- The Coveo Impact Award
- The Coveo Industry Leader Award
- The Coveo Accelerator Award

If you have an innovative use of Coveo technology, a Coveo solution that has delivered measurable business outcomes and demonstrated an advanced stage of relevance to key stakeholders, please submit a nomination using the form. More details about each award and the criteria is also available below.

All submissions are due no later than March 15, 2019

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The Coveo Innovators Award
The Coveo Innovators Award recognizes and celebrates teams, organizations, and trailblazers who contribute to their organization’s success through innovative and creative use of their Coveo solution and deliver relevant and unprecedented end-to-end experiences.

- Has leveraged, created, used, developed Coveo in a new and or innovative way.
- Has measurable results
- Has had an an impact on business objectives success

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The Coveo Impact Award
The Coveo Impact Award recognizes a company whose efforts and successes have a clear impact on business outcomes. Their results are measurable and have either improved the customer experience, driven operational efficiency, improved cost savings and/or impacted revenue performance.

- Has a sustained period (minimum of 3 months) of trending results
- Has captured and measured results
- Leveraging the business outcomes to drive business decisions and set direction

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The Coveo Industry Leader Award
The Coveo Industry Leader Award is for a customer who has implemented Coveo usage analytics, the application of KCS or knowledge management best practices and has benefitted from significant organizational change and/or filling organizational gaps.


- Speed of implementation
- Speed of adoption
- Large scale organizational transformation leveraging Coveo

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The Coveo Accelerator Award
We want to celebrate the accomplishments of our partner community and highlight how they deliver innovative Coveo solutions and support our shared customers’ success.

This award recognizes a Coveo partner that has exhibited deep knowledge and technical expertise, who understands a customers’ business challenges and clearly delivers value-driven business outcomes.

- Leverage Coveo as a cornerstone of a digital transformation initiative
- Innovative/creative application of Coveo
- Speed and quality of implementation and proven adoption within a customer organization

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All winners will be contacted in March.
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