Sustainability Survey of Detroiters
The City of Detroit’s Office of Sustainability is excited to engage Detroiters for our Sustainability Action Agenda. We are working hand-in-hand with residents that live in our city to set the course for the future in a way that is healthy, clean, prosperous, and equitable for generations to come. At the end of this survey, there is an optional section on demographics to ensure that we are getting input from a representative sample of Detroiters. Individual information will be kept confidential. We will be using the collective input of Detroiters to shape a plan that includes the voices of all Detroiters. Thank you for participating. We’re excited to learn from you.
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From which ambassador did you receive this survey? (if applicable)
What do you associate with the word 'sustainability'?
Which of these topics do you most consider in your daily or weekly life? (Choose no more than five)
How have you seen these issues being addressed through community efforts? What are the projects you are aware of in your community? Please indicate the issue you are referring to in your response.
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Have there been obstacles in the past in addressing any of these issues? How can City Government help strengthen or contribute to these efforts?
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Making Detroit More Sustainable
What would help to make your neighborhood become more sustainable?
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What is the top water challenge you have experienced in Detroit within the last 12 months? (Choose One)
What is the top housing challenge you have experienced in Detroit within the last 12 months? (Choose One)
How often do you experience rainfall flooding in your neighborhood that disrupts your daily activity or damages property?
What is the average time you travel for grocery shopping? (Choose the one that best applies)
What form of transportation do you most usually take to do your grocery shopping?
Describe the quality of your local grocery provider (a quality grocery store provides a range of fresh, healthy options)
How safe do you feel in your neighborhood?
What would you say adds to or takes away from your sense of safety?
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How important is access to parks, trails, and natural green spaces to the health of your community?
How important is access to recycling, compost, and other waste reduction opportunities to you?
How important is the ability to use renewable energy sources such as solar PV and wind?
How well do you think the city is addressing these issues?
Answer the questions below as best you can from your perspective of the City of Detroit's impact in these areas.
Access to fresh, healthy food
Access to a range of reliable affordable, accessible transportation options
Access to quality drinking water
Clean Air
Safety in my neighborhood
Stability of my housing, including affordability
Quality of my housing, including lead, asbestos or environmental hazards
Flooding in my neighborhood
Excess debris, waste and dumping in my neighborhood
Access to economic opportunity as in jobs and education opportunities
Access to parks and recreation
Ability to be a recycler, composter, or waste reducer
Overall access for the disabled (differently abled)
Engaging with the City
What means do you typically use to communicate with the City? (Circle all that apply)
How easy is it to access the city services you need?
What questions do you have for the Office of Sustainability?
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Learning about Detroiters
The following questions are optional and aim to ensure we are elevating voices from every part of the city and working to include solutions that benefit everyone. We will not use the individual data of any Detroiter and it will not be shared with any outside parties.
Which City Council District do you live in?
Which best describes your age?
Which best describes your racial identity?
Which best describes your gender identity?
Which best describes your household income during the last 12 months?
What language do you primarily speak at home?
Thank You For Your Feedback
Your participation is greatly appreciated and incredibly valued! To stay engaged with the Sustainability Action Agenda follow us at,, or include your contact information below (optional).
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Organization (if applicable)
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