SSIICA Activities!
Did you know that there is an Activities Committee (that you can join and whose meetings you are welcome to attend as a resident)? Did you know that the SSIICA has a budget set aside just for community events? We would greatly appreciate your answering the questions below to help us in our planning of events for the SSIICA.
What's the best way to inform you about community happenings? Is there another way we should consider?
Activities! (COVID-friendly)
While the community is still under the State and Community Restrictions for events, we are looking for completely new events/activities to do. They must be possible with social distancing.
Please check the boxes that would interest members of your household *
Please rate your openness to "Zoom" to interact with community members *
I am ZOOMED OUT - no more please!
Let's do it!
Would you be willing to lead the community in a special interest "workshop"? (Knitting, cooking, scrap-booking, Yoga, etc?) If so, what is it? Make sure to include your email address!
For example: I teach Guitar!
Which of our "COVID-safe" events should we bring back next year, even if COVID isn't a concern? *
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