2020 RYLA 5550 Application
The application consists of two parts, with an optional third part. Applications will be considered incomplete until all required parts are submitted.

Part 1: Online Form - Please fill in the fields of this online form. There is also a section for Parent/Guardian information.

Part 2 (optional): Reference Letter - Applicants may choose to submit one letter of reference from a teacher, school counsellor, principal, employer, or religious leader that outlines positive characteristics of the applicant. This can be done by sending a physical letter or emailing letters to the registrar, or having the reference complete the online form found at: https://forms.gle/PjNWGCyUzS4npwu4A

Part 3: Applicants must also print the Signatures Form that must be physically signed and sent to the registrar or chair via email or post.

Parts 2 and 3 can be submitted electronically to ryladistrict5550@gmail.com, or alternatively, by mail to:

Amy Fontaine
118 Oliver Avenue
Selkirk, MB
R1A 0C3
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