MCPAL Medical and Emergency Information Form
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Personal Information (Some of the personal information is required for grant funding)
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Emergency Contacts - In case child listed above becomes ill or is injured and I (parent/guardian) cannot be contacted, the MCPAL volunteers have my permission to contact and release my child to the custody of one of the following: Please provide Name, Relationship, and Primary and Secondary Phone Numbers *
Section 2
Medical Information
Does participant have any dietary restrictions or food or other allergies? *
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Does participant have any pre-existing health conditions that may require treatment? *
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As custodian of the aforementioned minor, I grant my authorization and consent for a designated adult to administer general first aid treatment for minor injuries or illnesses. If the injury or illness is severe, I authorize him or her to seek professional emergency personnel to attend, transport and treat the minor and to issue consent for any medical care deemed advisable by a licensed medical professional or institution. I authorize the designated adult to exercise best judgment upon the advice of medical or emergency personnel.

I also understand it is my responsibility to update and complete a new form any time ant of the contact or medical information provided above changes.
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