Photo/Video Request Form
Photo/Video Usage Guidelines:

• Materials provided will be used for ONE-TIME USE ONLY and will not be used for any purposes or publications other than this video/article/online post named below, airing/running on the date below, without first contacting The Painted Turtle to request written permission for additional use.

• A final copy of the video/article/online post using the photo(s)/video(s) provided will be given to The Painted Turtle to review and approve before it is aired or published.

• If you would like to use these photographs/videos for ANY OTHER PURPOSE, including publication or marketing, please provide The Painted Turtle with a written request prior to use so we may follow proper publicity protocol internally.

• Photo credit is given to The Painted Turtle when applicable.

• If posting on social media please tag The Painted Turtle:
Facebook: @paintedturtlecamp
Instagram: @thepaintedturtlecamp
Twitter: @PaintedTurtleCA

If you have questions, please contact
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