Annual Client Tax Questions
The following are a list of questions that we ask each year in order to properly prepare your tax return. If you are married, please answer each question as it applies to you AND your spouse.
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Name(s) of individual(s) we are preparing the tax return for: *
Phone Number (e.g. 555-555-5555) (enter multiple if applicable) *
Email address (enter multiple if applicable)
Did your direct deposit account change from last year? (If you are a new client to us and you wish to have any refund direct deposited, please select yes below and you may submit your direct deposit information to us accordingly at your convenience.) *
Did your address change from last year? *
Did your marital status change from last year? *
Are there any changes in your dependents from last year? *
Did you, your spouse, or any of your dependents take any college courses last year? *
Did you invest in any virtual currency or foreign investments last year? *
Did you purchase health insurance on the marketplace (exchange of Obama Care)? *
Do you have long-term care insurance? *
Do you track your mileage for a business you own? *
Did you contribute to a 529 plan in the previous year? *
Are you, your spouse, or any of your dependents under the age of sixty-five AND considered permanently disabled? *
Did you buy anything outside of your resident state that you need to declare and pay sales tax on from the past year? *
Do you have all receipts for any tax deductions you are taking on your tax return this year? *
Do we have your permission to provide the IRS with a PIN for e-filing your tax return? (E-filing requires a PIN for every return. Accordingly, we need your permission to assign a PIN to your return in order to e-file for you.) *
Would you like your return to be emailed to you upon preparation or will you come to pick it up? (Emailed returns require either a digital signature or documents to be printed, signed, scanned/photographed, and sent back to our office for e-filing.) *
Open Notes (Please provide any additional information needed for the preparation of your tax return as indicated from the questions above. If no additional information was requested, you may leave this answer box blank.)
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