Oxford Motor Club 2020 Club Championship Points Claim Form
Oxford Motor Club will run several championships as listed below and the following rules will apply.
Points will be allocated from the date of membership of the club.

You have to be a current full or family member of Oxford MC to score points in the championship.
The Championship year runs from January 1st until December 31st [except Newcomer of the Year which runs from September 1st for 16 months but points are only claimed for the current year].

You are to enter events as an Oxford Motor Club member to score full points otherwise only start points will be awarded.

To qualify for an award in the championship you must do one of the following during the year.

• marshal on at least one in-club event
• organise at least one in-club event
• compete in at least one in-club event
• actively support at least one in-club activity or event

Event web site link or results link to be provided where possible.

Members must take part in two events in any category to win an award.

Points will be allocated by the Points Collator depending on member responses.

A full explanation of what can be claimed can be found at http://www.oxfordmotorclub.co.uk/championships/

If in doubt on your claim please contact points@oxfordmotorclub.co.uk
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