MiyakoCon 2017 Content Submission Form
Hello and thanks for your interest in participating in MiyakoCon 2, February 25, 2017 at Red Lion Hotel Salem! Please use this form to send us the details of any programming you'd like to run at MiyakoCon, like fan panels, cosplay workshops, games/contests/tournaments, and any other event or activity you can think of. Please answer all questions as fully as you can.

A note on technology: all of our panel spaces will have a microphone or two, amplification for your audio device through its headphone jack, and a digital projector and screen. Our projectors have VGA, DVI, and component video inputs, and we primarily use VGA cables (with MiniDisplayport/Thunderbolt adapters in case of Mac computers). If you have any other connector than VGA or Mac video on the device you intend to project from, you MUST bring your own cable and/or adapter. If you can't do that or don't understand any of this, email us at miyakocon@gmail.com and we'll figure it out together.

We'll schedule you as time and space allow, but we'll absolutely try to accommodate your first choices!

Who are you?
What's your name, and what is your background/expertise? Example: "Johnny O'Taku. I'm a student at Chemeketa and Salem's biggest fan of Girls Und Panzer."
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What's your email address?
Please provide an email that you check often, or that sends notifications to your mobile device. ONLY IF you don't have an actual email address, please provide a social media profile that we can contact you through.
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What's your phone number?
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Tell us about your phone.
So, what do you want to run at MiyakoCon?
This is for us behind the scenes. Let us know if you've done this before at another con, and if there's video of you (or anybody else) doing this (or something similar that would help us understand your idea), please link it. Example: "My friends and I want to run a Sidonia No Kishi fan panel cosplaying as Nagate, Tsumugi, Izana, and Yuhate. For an hour we'll talk about the series, show a couple of AMVs & parody videos, give small prizes to the audience for cosplays and trivia, and play a dating game. It'll be a lot like the Free! panel in this video: [link]."
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Who should view it?
How much time will it take? (rounded up)
This should include setting up, running your content, audience Q&A if applicable, and cleanup/teardown (it's totally possible to do all of this in an hour). If you require more than ten minutes for setup/teardown, or if you have specialized time needs, please use the "Other" option to explain.
What is the best setting for your content?
If someone else submits content that is substantially similar to this, what would you like us to do?
Write the first draft of a PROGRAM BOOKLET LISTING about your content.
This will eventually become what attendees will read in our printed schedule to give them an idea of whether or not they'd like to attend your content. The best format is "Cleverly Worded Descriptive Title: explanatory subtitle with some key details included". It doesn't have to be perfect, just give us something to work with!
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Thank you!
We'll get back to you as soon as we can to discuss your submission. Email us at miyakocon@gmail.com if you have any questions, or if you haven't heard from us within three days. If you have another idea for content, use the link below and submit a new form (sorry, you'll have to enter your personal/contact information again). Thanks and talk to you soon,

Julie (Chair) & Stephen (Operations)

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