Collage of Indigenization
Rolande Souliere

Workshop description
The Collage of Indigenization invites participates to make a collage on what it means to be Indigenous today. Here participants use visual metaphors to stand in or re-present ideas that may encompass issues pertaining to misrepresentation, economy, treaty rights, repatriation, education, deaths in custody, environmental concerns, housing, suicide,social justice, western art and healthcare to name but a few.
The title Collage of Indigenization is a word play on a social art project titled The Collage of Indignation held as part of the Angry Arts Week and sponsored by Artists and Writers Protest in 1967 in New York. Many artists, art critics and writers came together to make collages that represented their anti-Vietnam war views.

The aim of this social art project is to generate a 30 metre collage that expands on ideas of Indigeneity (both locally and globally), learn from artistic practice and demonstrate that the notion of Indigenous is simultaneously transformative and contemplative.

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