McGill Mock Trial Invitational Registration
Event Timing: February 22-23, 2020
Event Address: New Chancellor Day Hall
Contact us at:

Step 1: Enter details below

If you are not registering a full team at once, you can a) register fewer than 6 members and request that you be matched with other competitors by the organizers, or b) each e-transfer and fill out the form seperately, while requesting that you be paired with the teammates you have in mind. As last resort, we may have to break up registered groups or reassign lawyer/witness roles to make sure everyone has a full team.

Step 2: E-transfer $60/competitor listed to with password "mocktrialinvitational"

Final registration deadline: February 3rd
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Next to each team member listed, please indicate if they are being registered as a lawyer or witness. There should be an equal balance of lawyers and witnesses on each team.
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If you have answered "Yes/No I have team members in mind," please list the team members you would like to be paired with. These team members will have to e-transfer and register seperately to be counted as part of your team.
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Which school(s) are your team member(s) and/or you attending currently?
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If you are affiliated with a school club or organisation (Ex: A pre-law organisation), please name it below.
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Each team member listed above should correspond to an e-transfer amount of $60. This form will not be counted as valid until the right e-transfer amount has been received.
Once you have e-transfered mocktrial@mcgillprelaw, please enter the e-mail the transfer came from below: *
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Next Steps
Later in January, you will receive a rules and expectations packet alongside a copy of the case. Please do not share the case with any non-competitors.

Moreover, we are here to help! Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions about the competition or about mock trial at large. If you and your teammates are novices, we can provide foundational resources on cross and direct examinations and opening and closing statements.

And, if you haven't already, find our event page at:
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