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We want to hear from you! Submit a blog post to express your views or start a conversation about anything that's on your mind.

Blog posts can be as long or as short as you would like. They can also be ANONYMOUS.

Posts do not necessarily have to discuss LGBTQIA+ or STEM topics, we want this to be an open forum for you to discuss anything on your mind.

We are using this submission form to create a streamlined approach to blog posting that allows for us to understand your individual needs. This will also allow us to screen posts to determine appropriate Content Warnings.

If you would prefer to contact us directly about a submission, please send us an email: or a Twitter message @QueerEngineers.
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Please write your name or alias as you would like it to appear on the post. If you wish to remain anonymous, please write "anonymous". *
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If you wish to remain anonymous, you can use an email that is not associated with your name. If your email contains your name or other information about you, know that we will not disclose this to anyone. Additionally, if you are not comfortable providing an email, you may write "N/A", however, we will not be able to follow up with you about subsequent post edits, so we highly recommend providing an email here.
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If you are unsure of a title at the present time, please write "Not sure yet". We at QE will read your post and work with you on a potential title for it.
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If you are sending your post via email, please write "Sent by email" in this box. Additionally, if you are sending your post via email, please make sure to send it in an editable document (ex. Word doc or Google docs) and not a PDF file.
We will read through your piece to make sure it is suitable for our audience. This screening process is used to develop Content Warnings for material that some of our audience may want to avoid. While doing this, we could also edit grammar and spelling, but we will not edit style or reformat your writing. Would you like for us to edit your piece? *
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