Howl 2017 Dance Comp Applications
Looking to dance? You will have to have a costume to participate! This can be a fursuit (full or partial) or some other kind of full Halloween costume.

Please fill out this form to apply and to get your music approved! (Music needs to PG/Radio edits!)

You will need to provide a USB with your music, at the event or to organize alternative methods in your application! (We don't want to rely on internet in case it cuts out and ruins a performance mid dance!)

Please be aware that there is a 2 minute max on songs. If your song is longer then 2 minutes, it will be cut off/fade out at 2 minutes.

NOTE: There will STILL be a sign-up sheet at the event you will have to put your name on to officially enter (This is so that we know who has actually shown up and has decided to enter. Last minute entries are welcome but please have your music ready and brought to staff beforehand for approval!)

Hope to see you all there!

At any time you can contact for questions

Your real name
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Your "stage" name (Furry, character, real, whatever you want us to call you during the event, as long as it is appropriate for a PG rating.)
Your answer
Please provide a link to your (music/PG/Radio Edit) you plan to use for the competition
Your answer
You understand that you need to provide a USB with your music on it, in person, at the event, and it needs to be the same song we've approved in this application
You understand that you need to be wearing a costume to participate (Full or partial fursuit or other full Halloween costume.)
Have any questions or concerns? Ask them here!
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