Interest Form / Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
Thank you for your interest in our Health & Wellbeing Coordinator - Lead Navigator position. As part of our efforts to be more equitable and inclusive of communities from diverse educational and experience backgrounds, we are instituting a 2 step process. After filling out this form, and depending on meeting specific criteria, you may receive an invitation to our second step which is a submission of a cv/resume.

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at LCF Georgia
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To what extent do the following statements describe you? There are no wrong answers *
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I am very attentive to detail
I am a self-starter and independent worker
I can see the big picture and be strategic
I am focused on quality work although that means it takes longer
I am deadline oriented
I need clear instructions to carry a project
I feel comfortable as project leader
I am patient with people
I have good communication skills
I prefer to work alone
I prefer to work in teams
I have an eye for design and creativity
I am very organized and structured
I am tech-savvy
Please let us know about your experience in the following areas / sectors *
Very experienced
Some experience
Not very comfortable with it
Not familiar with it
Public health campaigns as communications lead
Public health campaigns as organizer
Database management
Community education
Case management
Excel and spreadsheets
Program development
Program coordination
Speaking and writing Spanish
Do you have experience as a case manager or public health organizer? *
Give us an example of when you had to solve a problem in a community education/program setting. What steps did you take and what did you prioritize? *
Thank you so much for your submission! You will hear from us soon.
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