Indian Affairs Most Promising & Versatile TV Actress of the Year 2018
India's entertainment and media industry, which generated Rs.1,120 billion in 2013, will be worth Rs.2,272 billion by 2018 & most sought after profession where The TV sector is projected to continue to lead the industry and is likely to reach Rs.846 billion by 2018.In Countries like America, where actors compete for salaries and their salaries often help create buzz for the tv shows, there is not such thing in India.Gone are the times when television was aptly called the small screen. Well, not more definitely. Today television has become huge and is giving tough competition to its counterpart — Bollywood. And not just the production budget, even the TV actors’ remuneration is at par with our film stars. There have been enough debates as to whether or not they deserve the amount they ask for, we cannot deny the fact that they work under more intense conditions, for more number of days per month and sometimes even end up playing the same character for an entire decade! So that’s absolutely fine if we tell you the amount of money producers are ready to pay top television actors& actresses.
We agree that apart from the loyal audience of a show, the remaining world will criticise the dragged plots and over-dramatic twists on the never-ending daily soap operas. But while we criticise them, we also end up watching them sometime or the other. And as much as you might think that the actors can pull and entire episode holding that one expression, that doesn’t change their earning figures.Indian daily soaps are gaining high TRP’s by each passing day. They are served to the viewers with some romantic scenes, loud characters, engaging storylines and spicy dialogues. Nowadays, Indian television actresses are considered as one of the most popular and have won major awards for their outstanding roles in the serials. The small screen television industry is the only place where female actresses are getting equal and sometimes, even more, remuneration as that of male actors.

Here are the top six lead actresses who made it to the top six finalists for the coveted Indian Affairs Most Promising & Versatile TV Actress of the Year 2018 at the 9th Annual iconic India Leadership Conclave 2018.

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