2019-2020 Newton-Conover City Schools District Student Survey (2nd-12th)
This is a survey to assess your school and N-CCS. Your responses are valuable to us. Thank you for your input and for being the most important part of the Newton-Conover City Schools family!
Please indicate the school that you attend in N-CCS: *
1. Most of my teachers provide work that meets my individual learning needs. *
2. I receive personalized instruction based on my learning goals in most of my classes. *
3. My teacher challenges me in many interesting ways. *
4. My teachers believe that all students can learn. *
5. I have a clear understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement in each of my classes. *
6. My teacher provides me with a learning roadmap that defines what I am expected to do. *
7. Staff at this school expect students to do their best. *
8. My teachers let me know how I am doing between report cards. *
9. I use my data notebook to track my progress and to determine my strengths and areas for improvement. *
10. When I am having trouble learning, my teacher provides opportunities for me to receive additional support either individually or in a small group. *
11. My teacher uses technology to improve and personalize my learning. *
12. This school has rules, and students know what will happen if rules are broken.
13. I feel that students are treated fairly by staff at my school. *
14. The school grounds and facilities are neat and clean. *
15. Repairs are made promptly when things are broken. *
16. I am satisfied with the taste and variety of school meals. *
17. I feel like the cafeteria staff are friendly and helpful. *
18. My parent/guardian feels welcome at this school. *
19. The Principal/Assistant Principal at this school thinks learning is important. *
20. The Principal/Assistant Principal at this school handles problems quickly and effectively. *
21. What students think at this school is important to the Principal/Assistant Principal. *
22. At this school students can talk to the Principal/Assistant Principal. *
23. I feel like school counseling staff are helpful and supportive. *
24. I am able to access counseling support when I need it.. *
25. I feel safe at this school. *
26. Students are treated fairly at this school. *
27. Students enjoy coming to this school. *
28. My teacher(s) really cares about students. *
29. I have a strong voice in supporting our classroom code, solving problems and sharing ideas in my classroom. *
30. I can explain my classroom’s shared vision and understand our shared vision. *
31. Overall, I give my school a grade of: *
32. Overall, I give Newton-Conover City Schools a grade of: *
33. Comments – space has been provided for 1500 characters including punctuation and spaces.
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