Project Alda
What is the intention of Project Alda?

To start a community in a forest in Sweden centered around a large-scale artwork, called Odin’s Eye. Starting in 2018 we would like to grow an exponential community of solutionists, imagineers, creators, philosophers, designers, builders, writers, entrepreneurs who actively choose to step into and exist in the unknown so as to discover, inspire and instigate new ways to initiate positive change. This space/forest becomes a collection of effervescent dreams lived out in a co-created community on land the land that we own together.

The Lekeberg Forest became our first prototype in August 2017. It showed us that we are surrounded by a large number of people that have some sort of dream to be part of the initiation of a community on a piece of land. This project aims to realize as many of those dreams as possible.

We have seen people buy land on their own, or in smaller groups, with various levels of success. Our dream is to do it together as a large group from the beginning; to share the hard work and the successes. When we win together; we win more. When we lose together; we lose less.

Project Alda consists of three elements; The Land; The Artwork and The Community.

The Land: We want to offer up to a 150 people to invest and become a shareholder in the land.

The Artwork(Odin's eye): Is being directed by Dream Yggdrasil, a non profit organisation that investigates large scale collaboration through the creation of large scale art. Odin's eye is an eye; seen from the sky. The iris of the eye is a giant tree. All design is focused on how we can build something that will last more than 1000 years.

The Community: In the beginning the shareholders and the builders of the artwork will become the community. But the community will not be limited to just shareholders and builders. Friends and strangers are always welcome to wander onto the land and contribute where it makes sense.

We will only use your email address for two things:
1. to get in contact with those who want to take part in the project
2. to send you occasional updates about the project

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