Minnesota/Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources Border Water Regulation Review for the Mississippi River (Google Version)
Daily Bag – is the total number of fish of a species or group of species that you can keep in one day.
Combined Bag – when two or more fish species are grouped into one daily bag limit. Example – Walleye and Sauger have a combined bag limit on the Mississippi River. You can keep a total of 6 Walleye and Sauger in any combination.
Minimum length regulation – a fish would need to be at least X inches long before it could be kept.
Example – Northern Pike in Wisconsin’s South Zone must be 26-inches long before they are legal to keep.
“1-Over” regulation – in a daily bag limit, you could only have one fish of this species over a certain length.
Example – In Minnesota inland waters, you can only keep 1 Walleye over 20 inches per day.

Definitions – length based regulations
“Slot Limit” – generally refers to a certain size range of fish that can or cannot be harvested.
Example – Lots of variation in length combinations have been used.

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