2018 Transformation Challenge
If You Are Fed Up With Feeling Lousy, Looking Flabby, and Barely Enough Energy To Get Out of Bed in the Morning....Here’s Your Chance To Change All That.

Introducing...The Second Annual Draper Lifestyle Transformation Challenge, Where 10 Local Residents Team Up with a Professional Trainer, Two Times a Week, For 11 weeks...For Total Transformation!

Enter Today For Your Chance To Partner With A Professional Trainer For 11 Weeks!
Our Mission
The primary goal of the Transformation Challenge is to help encourage our Draper community to enjoy the incredible physical, mental, and psychological health benefits that come from an active lifestyle. In this Transformation Challenge, we will highlight several different ways to start becoming more active, including pilates, kickboxing, athletic conditioning, strength training, and more.
How It Works - New Selection Process!
Here's the Skinny: Ten lucky residents will be selected to partner with a professional training partner for 11 weeks, starting Thursday January 11th through March 28th, 2018. Each participant will work with their training partner twice a week, during that period. Contestants will also have access to medical professionals and a support team along the way to help with their personal transformation.

Five of the contestants will be selected by our panel based on a variety of different factors and the other five will be selected at random at the launch party. In order to be considered, you must first complete the application below. To be eligible at the launch party, you must be present to win.

Contestants Will Receive:
Typically, for all the personal training, nutrition consulting, medical evaluation and attention, a customized program like this would cost upwards of $2500.00. If selected, you will have the chance to transform your life...without paying a dime! Specifically, you will enjoy proven coaching that ensures:

-proper technique
-customized exercises
-quicker recovery time
-stress reduction
-greater flexibilty
-higher energy levels
-nutrition education and direction

...all personalized for YOU.

Contestants will be coached and instructed each week, and personal progress reports (ie. body composition, measurements, etc.) will be made online and/or in Draper Lifestyle magazine so that the community can follow along during the transformation process. If selected, contestants agree to the following:

1) Work twice a week with your trainer and adhere to the Transformation Program that you and your trainer come up with;
2) Be responsive and available for Challenge progress updates on predetermined dates.

If you've been struggling to get active or unsure about the best way to get started, here is your chance.
Enter Today For Your Chance To Partner With One of These Training Partners For 90 Days!

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