Delhi Praja ER Fellowship 2019
Praja is a non-partisan voluntary organisation enabling accountable governance. Praja empowers citizens to participate in governance by providing knowledge and perspective so that they can become politically active and involved beyond the ballot box. It undertakes extensive research and highlights civic issues to build the awareness of, and mobilise action by the government and elected representatives.

Praja has opened registrations for its fellowship programme with municipal councillors, in which fellows will get a chance to work with the councillors and help them raise citizens’ issues on appropriate forums.
The organisation is initiating a 6-month paid fellowship from February 2019 in Delhi. The fellows will be expected to work for 20 hours every week. The registrations will close on 24th January 2019.

The aim is to challenge the participating fellows to understand the ground-level realities of governance and understand the powers and functions of a Councillor while working alongside them. The experience will enable the participants to acquire people management skills, negotiation with government authorities, communication techniques and an understanding of governance.

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