Neon Gelatin Evangelism - IC 2
Time for the 2nd round of IC since there was pretty outstanding response in the first IC. People generally liked the colorway and the theme, so I figured we'd move on to getting kits nailed down. Once kits are set we can move on closer to GB stage.
Base Kit
AE Mods Kit
How do you feel about the current Base Kit contents? *
Changes to Base Kit modifiers will be mirrored in AE Mods Kit
What needs changing in the Base Kit? *
Put "nothing" if you think it's fine.
Spacebars Kit
Spacebars Kit contents *
What changes should be made for Spacebars Kit? *
Put "nothing" if you're fine with it
40% Kit(with AE Mods)
Thoughts on the 40% Kit? *
AE mods are currently included, they can be removed if majority says so
What changes should be made? *
Put "nothing" if it's fine to you
Novelty Kit
How does the Novelty Kit look? *
Blank keys are placeholders for novelty designs. Orange accents are included in this kit to keep other kit costs lower.
What could be changed on the Novelty Kit? *
Put "nothing" here if you like the current kit
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