SeaTac Allies Volunteer Form
Thank you for your interest. We are a grassroots community group based in Seattle that seeks to support refugees imprisoned at SeaTac Detention Center by providing refugees basic human contact (letter writing), the ability to call their friends and families (commissary account donations), access to information about their rights, and the opportunity to tell their stories. Filling out this form is the first step towards being paired with a refugee whom you can support through a weekly letter and monthly contribution for phone calls and human necessities. After you complete this form, please complete our confidentiality training and we will connect you with a detained refugee.
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Are you willing to have your name only listed on our website as an ally? By listing the names of community members who are allies, we hope to increase accountability.
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Volunteer services agreement
Thank you for agreeing to provide volunteer services to SeaTac Allies (“STA”) in its mission to support immigrant detainees at the SeaTac Detention Center. This Volunteer Services Agreement sets forth important terms regarding your service to and relationship with STA.
1. You are not an employee of STA. Rather, you are a volunteer donating your time and services. You will not be paid or receive any wages, salary, benefits, or remuneration of any kind. Any expenditure (monetary or otherwise) that you make in connection with your volunteer services shall not recoverable from STA unless, prior to such expenditure, you first obtain STA’s written consent.
2. You may receive personal information pertaining to immigrant detainees, such as names, “A” numbers and other biographical information (“Confidential Information”). You agree to keep such information strictly confidential, which means, at a minimum:
a. Not publishing Confidential Information on the internet or social media
b. Keeping hard copies of Confidential Information in a secure location
c. Not sharing Confidential Information any person unless that person has signed a Volunteer Services Agreement.
You shall immediately report to STA if you believe that you have violated these terms (whether intentionally or inadvertently.) Upon the termination of your volunteer services, you shall return and/or destroy all Confidential Information in your possession.
3. You agree to abide by all procedures and protocols provided by STA in connection with your volunteer services.
4. You agree to indemnify and hold STA harmless against any damages related to your volunteer activities.
5. Either you or STA may terminate this volunteer relationship at any time by notifying the other party in writing of such termination. If you choose to terminate the relationship, you shall make all reasonable attempts to ensure that all of your assignments and responsibilities can be reassigned to another volunteer without disruption to the immigrant detainees.
Please indicate that you have read and agree to the above volunteer services agreement by entering your name IN ALL CAPS and the date (in any format) in the space below.
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