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Who should you submit a CYT Story? Anyone who has ever had any experience with CYT… EVER! Students, alumni, teachers, directors, patrons, cast, crew, staff members, and any other friend of CYT, these stories are for you to write and the world to read.
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We're looking for a first hand account of a personal experience you've had with CYT. Maybe it's a new friendship, a favorite show, a hilarious moment, or a testimony of a life changed. This can be formatted like a letter or diary entry and should read like you're talking to someone, telling them your story. Here are some ideas on details you may want to include: When did your story take place? How did you get involved in the experience you're writing about? What is something you learned from this experience? What advice do you have for someone else who might experience the same thing, and so on. You may have millions of stories to tell, so feel free to come back and tell another one (and another one, and another one)!
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For current CYT students 12 or older, would you like your story to be submitted into the 2019 National My CYT Story Competition? *
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Although it is not mandatory, photos will greatly enhance your story and are highly encouraged! If you do not submit a photo, CYT will use a generic photo of their choosing to help illustrate your story.
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By submitting your CYT Story, you agree that CYT has full permission to publish your story/photos on any of their many publications (which may include, but are not limited to, social media, newsletters, websites, etc.) on or off line, written or recorded, in whole or in part, and may do so for any and all future publications. CYT reserves the right to edit your submission in the case that it is too long to publish or requires minor grammar and spelling corrections. *
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