AES Remote Learning Survey 2020

Dear Families,
As we bring our year to a close in a way we never could have imagined, we would like to take a moment to catch our breaths and look back to help us plan our future. As this survey is written, we do not yet know what Fall, 2020 will look like for AES. We are trying to plan for all scenarios. Please take a moment to fill this form out to help us close our year and set a course for next year! Many thanks and continue to be well!
1) Remote learning was a true challenge for everyone from our littlest pre-K student up to our Commissioner of Education, Commissioner Makin. We were all so impressed at how everyone rose to the challenges. Please check all that was (relatively) SUCCESSFUL for your child:
2) Now please use the same categories to share thoughts on what was LEAST SUCCESSFUL for your child. Please check all that was (relatively) challenging for your child:
3) Not only is our remote learning structure important, but we also want to know specifics about how YOUR child did in the closure. Please also share 3-5 struggles your child had in remote learning. What skills were most challenging? What worries did you/do you have about your child’s progress?
4) Please share 3-5 amazing things your child did during the remote learning. In what skills did he/she really shine? What silver linings did you discover while working with your child in this less than ideal format? What special skills did you see in him/her?
5) Paint us a picture of what you would LOVE for Fall, 2020 to look like. Take out your most idealistic crayons to paint this picture. What do you seek for your child in the fall?
6) Now take out a dark gray crayon to paint for us a picture of your worries for your child in the fall. What are your concerns for him/her? How can we help ease these worries?
7) Finally, use this space to communicate anything you want us to know about your child or remote learning that would be helpful to us as we move on with our planning for the fall.
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