Seeing God Through the Eye of the Storm
Hurricane Irma arrived in the Florida-Georgia District sometime during the weekend of September 8-12, depending where in the District you live. During Irma’s tumultuous visit, numerous churches, schools, workers and volunteers in our District offered prayers and counted on God’s benevolent mercy to keep us safe, comfort our fears, and get us through the dark night. Stories are being told of unexpected mercies that we experienced, and God’s unfailing grace. Furthermore, so many have jumped in to help their neighbor, friend, or family member at seemingly just the right time to offer comfort, hope, perhaps a meal, a place to stay, or some other gift of grace. This is God working through us to share His love with each other.

So, we really want to hear your stories. How have you seen God through the Eye of The Storm that you experienced? Please fill out this form. We will post as many responses as we can on a special webpage.

If you have a picture you would like to share, please let us know by responding to the last question in this survey.

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