After School Club Survey
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We want to hear your feedback so we can create after school clubs that you want to participate in that will be helpful to your student life and career path. Please use your school email address.
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Entrepreneurship club
Career and college readiness club
Mastermind Club: Project Management
STEM (Mr. Steve)
Beauty and Health Club
Fit Club: Nutrition and Health (Mr. Robbie)
Art Club (@jamiedafoxx)
Urban Garden (Philly Peace Park)
Music Production Club (Donald Brooks)
Film Production Club (Mr. Rerggie)
LTI / RWL Club
Leading Ladies of Vaux: Beauty & Etiquette Club (Ms. Mo & Ms. Tamika)
Tutor (Temple / CCP Students)
CCP Center For Male Engagemnet
Drama (Ms. Danina)
Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR)
Fashion and T Shirt Design Club (Virginia Blue & S.C.R.S. Apparell)
Student Lounge (Social and Game space)
Dance (Ms. Hayze)
Social Media Marketing
Party Planning (Inspire Me 2 Change)
Student Government (Mr. Robbie)
Artist Management & Development
Culinary (Ms. China )
Spoken Word (Ms. Kathleen)
Cheer leading
What 3 intramural sports clubs are you interested in? *
What is most important to your commitment to the club? *
Not relevant
Very relevant
Number of days weekly
Any questions regarding your decision to sign up for a club?
Are there any clubs you would like to suggest?
Are there any clubs you would like to suggest? *
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