ENEX Company Questionnaire

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    The Erasmus+ project ‘ENEX – Expert in Nanotechnology Exploitation’ aims at developing advanced training courses for graduate and postgraduate students as well as (young) professionals facing the rapidly growing importance of nanotechnology in industry, research and the society as a whole. Nanotechnology is a strongly emerging area of research and activity, opening up new markets, and leading to new products, processes and services in almost all industrial sectors. As a result, there is an increasing demand of particularly qualified personnel in companies producing and using nanotechnology, but also in research organisations developing new technologies as well as consulting firms and other institutions focusing on the nanotechnology research-to-market process. The ENEX training courses will be based on an interdisciplinary approach combining nanotechnology modules with innovation management content.

    This survey shall help to identify specific needs with regard to nanotechnology and product/process innovation management in companies, R&D institutions and consulting firms and to define/refine the right learning contents for the ENEX course.

    For the sake of convenience, the term ‘company’ in this questionnaire shall refer to any kind of business processing, producing, using and/or focusing on nanotechnology (i.e. manufacturing companies, research institutes, university departments, consulting firms, technology transfer agencies, trade associations etc.).

    Please be assured that the information disclosed by your company for this survey will be kept strictly confidential. Feedback on the questionnaire will be summarized in a final report which will be made available to all participants interested in this information.

    If you have any further questions regarding this questionnaire, please contact Heinz Brueckelmann, brueckelmann@intamt.de.

    Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!