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I am so excited to work with you to find the perfect home!

As a buyer, you will want a Realtor who is active, really knows the market and has your best interest in mind. The process is much smoother when working with one agent vs. a different agent with every property. That's why I urge you to work solely with me! It doesn't cost you anything and you will have your own representative when it's time to make an offer.

As your REALTOR it is important to me to know your expectations and to communicate based on your level of motivation or "readiness to buy". To determine this, I categorize my Buyers by motivation as follows:

“A” Buyer- My highest priority Buyer. These are people who have to buy a home now. They have either sold their existing home, transferred into town, or their lease has expired. In many cases they could potentially be homeless.

“B” Buyer- My second highest priority Buyer. These are people who are ready to buy, except they have a home to sell first, have a lease to fulfill, or are in the initial stages of getting pre-approved.

“C” Buyer- These people may buy a home when the right one comes along. For now, they are just looking.

Remember, you could quickly become an “A” Buyer and become a top priority! As your motivation to buy increases, please be sure to let me know!

As we begin the process, this survey will help me to get to know you better. By answering the questions below I will begin to understand your passions which will make the search a lot easier for everyone.



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