2019 North Central Indiana Mental Health Summit
Please complete this form and provide payment to finalize your conference registration. The 2019 North Central Indiana Mental Health Summit will occur on Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This year's theme is "Resilience", and we are delighted to bring you sessions from presenters from wide-ranging backgrounds and expertise. Expect to learn new ideas and strategies you can use immediately in your life and work. A continental breakfast and buffet lunch will be served, along with beverages all day. We welcome you to join us for a day of networking, reflection, and discovery!
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A. Out in the World: Working with LGBTQ clients and consumers. Jim Ryan, Certified Prevention Specialist, brings experience from publishing, social justice advocacy, community service, and corporate training to this workshop focused on how the experience of minority populations can uncover resiliency strategies and skills.
B. Provider CPR: Preventing Burnout. Linda Adeniyi, Clinical Team Lead and Therapist with The Julian Center in Indianapolis, brings her experience working with survivors of sexual and domestic violence to bear in this workshop discussing self-care for providers.
C. Understanding the Tyranny of the Moment: Health Consequences of Poverty. Marie Wiese, Circles Indy Coordinator, and her associates will lead a breakout session discussing poverty, fortitude, and transitions. Circles Indy is a national relationship-based movement to help communities become educated about the causes of poverty and the barriers that keep people in poverty. Circles directly helps individuals and families living in poverty to achieve self-sufficiency.
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