Independence Public Library Open Access Registration
Open Access service provides patrons access to the Library outside of normal operating hours including the use of computers, printing, materials selection, and self-check out. Open Access is a privilege and use of this service can be revoked at any time if you abuse this opportunity. To register, patrons must have a Library card in good standing, with no open issues at the time of registration, be 16 years of age or older and agree to the following terms of acceptable use:

1) Open Access patrons will use their own Library card to gain entry.
2) While using the service, customers will not respond to vendors or persons trying to enter the facility.
3) Patrons will stay out of restricted areas.
4) Security cameras monitor the use of the facility.
5) Announcements will be made during the course of Open Access hours and patrons agree to comply with directives.
6) All Library policies are in effect during Open Access hours including the Library Code of Conduct and Computer and Internet Use Policies.
7) A picture is required on your account to utilize Open Access.
8) The Independence Public Library is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, lost or stolen items.
9) Patrons must designate their home library as Independence Public Library.

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