Public Call for Comment - Open Data Policy for eThekwini Municipality, Durban, South Africa
All responses welcome!
Help us create an Open Data Policy for eThekwini Municipality, Durban, South Africa.

eThekwini Municipality believes that the lives of citizens living in Durban can be dramatically improved by providing open data about key public services. The eThekwini Council demonstrated this belief when it noted on 2015-03-31 that eThekwini should, in the long term, provide open data for all its Citizens. Global experience shows that the benefits of open data include economic growth and job creation, improved public services and a more transparent government.

The eThekwini Office of Strategy Management has commissioned the Research & Policy Advocacy (RAPA) Department to draft the Open Data Policy for the municipality. RAPA is conducting stakeholder consultation before drafting the policy and would love to have your views on the following questions:

To all data enthusiasts - we welcome opinions regardless of whether you reside in Durban or not! All responses will be considered in our process.

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Do you live in eThekwini Municipality (Durban)
If you live in eThekwini, in which suburb/area do you reside?
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What sector do you represent?
Which Municipal data should be open to the public? Please provide examples of data that would be of specific interest to you.
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Which Municipal data should be closed to the public and provide reasons for this?
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How would you like the Municipality to make open data available to the public?
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The Municipal website, , does already provide data for downloading. Have you downloaded any of this data and have you had any problems with the download process or the data that you downloaded?
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Have you requested data from the Municipality by email or by telephone? If yes, please provide examples of the data that you requested and mention if you encountered any problems.
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Would you like to be kept up to date with developments and be included in the reference group? If so, please put your email address in the box below
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For more information or to submit further comment please contact Prishah Narsai on (031) 311 4267 or by email at: -

Subject line: Enquiries: Call for Public Comments Open data policy for eThekwini Municipality

Please submit queries or comments no later than 30/11/2015

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