Berkeley SETI Research Center Internship Application
Please fill in this form to apply for a position as a research intern at Berkeley SETI Research Center for the summer 2021 session. Before starting to answer the questions, please read the application requirements and instructions at
Then please first review, and then complete the form below. Please note that your application is not complete until you have also (after submitting this form) emailed your cover letter, recent transcript, and CV (as a single PDF, in the format Lastname_Firstname.pdf) to
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Demographic information (optional)
Information you choose to provide about your race/ethnicity, disability status, or national origin is optional and will remain confidential. This information is, however, valuable to us and to our funders in tracking participation of various groups. Please check all categories that apply to you. You may clarify your responses in your statement of interest or in a separate e-mail message.
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Note that the BSRC Internship program is open to US Citizens, Legal Permanent Residents (or others holding an employment authorization document), and others (e.g. F1 visa holders, DACA recipients) currently registered for a degree program at a US institution. Stipends are paid from a private grant and not from federal funds. We are unable to accept applications from non-US persons studying at non-US institutions.
Veteran of the US Armed Forces
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Would you like to request any disabilities accommodation?
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Current studies, experience, and interests
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Applications are open to current sophomores, juniors, and seniors (including those graduating in the 2020/21 school year ahead of the start of the summer program).
Programming and computing tools *
Select "proficient" if you have used a tool extensively and frequently write code in this environment, and describe examples of how you've used these tools in your cover letter. Select "some experience" if you at least know how to create an array (or equivalent) in a given language without having to look it up first.
No experience
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Javascript / D3.js
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Other (explain in cover letter)
Code repository
If you have a personal repository (e.g. github, bitbucket) with examples of code that you have written, please include the URL below.
Please indicate possible project areas you are particularly interested in
Reference and availability information
Name of a faculty member or other academic mentor who has agreed to write you a letter of reference *
Please ask this person to send their letter to ahead of the February 12, 2021 deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that they do so - if we don't receive a letter on your behalf by the deadline, we will be unable to consider your application.
Email address of the above referee *
Are you available to be in Berkeley, CA for the duration of the program (June 7 - August 13, 2021)? Note that if public health measures do not permit the internship to be held in person, we anticipate a virtual internship to take place over the same dates. *
What are your accommodation preferences? *
A stipend of $8364 is provided. Participants are responsible for paying their own travel, accommodation and meal costs out of the stipend. You are welcome to make your own accommodation arrangements on the private rental market (and we may be able to put you in touch with students who are subletting over the summer). In previous years, some participants have found the International House near campus to be a convenient and reasonably-priced option, although please note that they require payment up front; we may be able to make a group booking if there is sufficient interest. See for 2020 details and costs.
Submission instructions
Once you have filled in this form, please sign below and press the submit button (you should see a message "Berkeley SETI Research Center Internship Application: Your response has been recorded."). Once you have submitted the form, please note that YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETE until you have also emailed your cover letter, recent transcript, and CV to AS A SINGLE PDF with filename Lastname_Firstname.pdf. The subject line of your email should be "BSRC Intern Application". You will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of this email, but we will be in touch with our decision by early to mid March.
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By signing my name in this field, I certify that the information submitted in this application and associated materials are current, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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