Afrofuturism Idea Submission
I, Kas Smith (AKA Black King), Co-founder of Dark Nebula, am creating a written Afrofuturism story which will be crowdsourced, meaning I am welcoming everyone to bring forward their ideas of characters, plots, objects, places, tribes, cultures, animals and anything you can think of. The story will centre on African mythology throughout the continent.

If you have ideas you would like to add please fill out the form below but FIRST make sure you read the disclaimer and rules before continuing.

By inputting your ideas and pressing submit, you are agreeing for Sci-fi Visionaries to take full ownership your ideas and you agree to not claim rights and financial returns for your submissions. By pressing submit you are also agreeing the ideas you’ve entered have not been used elsewhere or belongs to a third party. Sci-fi Visionaries will not liable and will have full creative control of all ideas submitted.


As it’s an afrofuturistic story your ideas should centre on Africa. Hey, you can surprise me and throw in a Brazilian character or a Chinese artefact, but in general Africa will be the focus.

No spamming or hogging: You’re welcome to share multiple ideas but please don’t hijack the program. If there are 200 ideas submitted, 100 of them shouldn’t be from one person.

Rights: Firstly please don’t input anyone else’s ideas, especially if it has already been published/produced. Secondly, if you submit an idea you will be relinquishing your rights to the idea. This is necessary as a development can remain in development hell if multiple people claim ownership of it. Of course you will get credit for any ideas used. Once again, no plagiarism.

Creative limits: If you send in an idea of a granny with body that looks like bus, with a river on her head and expect me to work with it – there’s only so far my creativity can go. (Maybe add something about being realistic)

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