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EthCC 3 is on its way ! Want to speak or organise a workshop ? Please answer the following form. Please note that EthCC is a conference organised to share knowledge, we will not accept promotional talks / presentations.
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Looking for funding? EthCC is focused on technology and knowledge sharing but tick this box if your organisation is looking for VC funding and if you would be interested in pitching to several VCs.
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Thank-you so much ! We hope to be able to accept a maximum of applicants !
We will do our best to tell you quickly if your application to be part of EthCC's speakers has been accepted.
Please note that EthCC is organised by a non-profit association, in order to keep the conferences accessible to a maximum of people, we organise it at cost and aren't able to cover transport and accommodation expenses... But hey, there will be food, and do not hesitate to reach out so that we can help you make smart - cheap choices for accommodation!
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