Questionnaire Part 3 (General issues)
1. Do you think that the qualification requirements of the state educational standards related to computer modeling comply with professional standards?
2. How do you rate the quality of training of the specialists in the field of computer modeling?
2.1 Level of theoretical training:
2.2. Level of practical training (command of computer modeling packages for solution of practical problems):
3. Please, indicate whether the enterprise is interested in organization of industrial affiliated departments and laboratories of the universities in practice-oriented process of training specialists demanded by the enterprise?
4. Estimate degree of importance of the below-listed personal qualities for a specialist in the sphere of computer modeling (degree of importance increases from 1 to 5)
4.1. Degree of initiative:
4.2. Ability to work individually, independently from others:
4.3. Ability to work collectively, in a team:
4.4. Ability of communicate with non-specialists:
4.5. Ability of effectively represent results of their activities:
4.6. Ability to solve non-standard problems :
4.7. Ability to adapt to changing conditions:
4.8. Readiness for further learning:
4.9. Ability to work in an international context :
4.10. Ability to find and analyze information:
4.11. Ability to think critically:
5. Estimate degree of importance of the below-listed practical competencies for a specialist in the sphere of computer modeling (importance degree increases from 1 to 5).
5.1. Research competencies:
5.2. Awareness of the most recent scientific and technical achievements in the field of computer modeling:
5.3. Knowledge and competence in using methods of mathematical modeling:
5.4. Competencies and skills of collecting information from primary and secondary sources, including Internet search :
5.5. Command of a foreign language:
5.6. Project development and management:
5.7.Leadership skills:
5.8. Understanding of the principles of quality evaluation, control and management:
5.9. Ability to apply principles of innovative management:
5.10. Knowledge of the main methods and procedures of marketing:
5.11. Skills in staff management:
Other (indicate):
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