Atabey School of Cultural Healing - The Roots of Herbalism - Fall 2020
The Atabey School of Cultural Healing prioritizes the stories, voices and experiences of people of color presently and historically. The first programs of this school are intended for and exclusively offered to self identified people of color. Asc3nsion Art and the Atabey School of Cultural Healing are dedicated to deconstructing the ideas and stigmas that often times keep us from learning how to utilize plant medicine, and further colonize the lens in which we view and experience our cultural histories, traditions and rituals.

This school and course serves to help reconnect people to their personal power and ability to work with plant medicine and a variety of earth based healing modalities.

The Roots of Herbalism session is the most basic introduction to herbal medicine that takes culture, race and gender into consideration. Here are some of the topics we will discuss throughout the course. Dates are subject to change.

Sept 6 2020 - Session 1 - The medicine we walk with -Ancestral memory -ancestral lineages and our personal history
Water Extractions, herbal tastes and energetics Homeworks and course assignments
Sept 13 2020 - Session 2 – Gardening, Growing your own medicine, Materia Medica, Sustainability and ethical medicine making, Oils, salves and butters
Oct 4th 2020- Session 3 – Historical Resistance(Intro): Creating social change through plant medicine, Seasonal medicine, Tinctures and preserved medicine making ,Harvesting and Drying herbs
Oct 18 2020 - Session 4 – Kitchen Medicine: Ritual and Ceremony, Cultural meals and cooking
Nov 9th - Session 5 – Fortifying our constitution: Wild Crafting Ethics, Gardening and Growing your own medicine,Herbal First Aid Kits
Nov 22nd - Session 6 – Bringing back the wisdom: Redefining home within our selves, houses, lineages and medicines, Final presentations, Creating our own resources and networks, Next steps on our path

You will be taught by a minimum of 3 teachers throughout the course. There will be 6 live classes (which will also be recorded and accessible if you cannot join us) The cost of the course is $450. If you have any questions please email us at
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