Community Partners
Help me build a database of people, programs, services, and agencies/companies wanting to participate in bringing our schools and community together to benefit our children, families and community.

Pam Clayton
Walla Walla Public Schools
Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

What agency/group are you affiliated with? *
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In what ways does your agency/group currently partner with Walla Walla Public School's? Ex. volunteering, committee work, eats lunch with students, donates materials... *
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What are you currently doing for families and children that maybe we aren't aware of? We would like to help families make connections to your resources.
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In what additional ways would you be willing to partner with Walla Walla Public School's? Ex: volunteering, job shadowing, mentoring, supporting efforts to provide avenues for students to give back to the community, you have a community space available to use, donation of materials....this list is endless. We appreciate any way you can help. Thank you.
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Would you like to help but just aren't sure how? I can give you a call and discuss ideas with you.
Is there anything else you would like me to know?
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Do you feel there is more we can talk about? Would you like me to call you? *
Thank you for helping me take the first step in bridging our community and schools.
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