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Shoot4Change (S4C) is a network of voluntary photographers (pros and amateurs alike) who believe in the power of photography to bring social changes.

We give part of our time for ONGs, non-profit and other sociali initiavies that otherwise could not afford photo reportages and media relevance.

We tell untold stories and we give eyes and voice to those who do not have it.

Step by step, photo by photos, click by click...we'll change the way People look at the World.

You don't have to be a big shot professional to be part of S4C.

Grab you camera, go down on the street and shoot stories.

our strenght is to link everybody, all the stories, all the great individuals worlwide who joins the network everyday...

Antonio Amendola
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Needless to say, the photo/reportages etc will be usable by both S4C and the author upon return. If produces within the scope of S4C assignement, photos and reportages can be in the availability of authors for non-profit uses, unless otherwised agreed
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