Haya's Written Commissions
Thank you for considering commissioning me. My terms and conditions are stated here: http://seimeinotaka.dreamwidth.org/8437.html
Samples of my work can be found here:
Please remember I have the right to refuse a commission.
You cannot sell or redistribute my work or claim it as yours.
Your name
This is to be included in posted works on AO3. Nickname is okay.
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Where can I contact you?
Any social media like Twitter, Tumblr, Discord. Somewhere I can contact you if I have anything to inform you regarding your commission or questions as I'm writing your piece.
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What's your email address?
Said address is for sending you the Paypal payment request and the final document. It'd be easier if the address you provide is the same as your Paypal address. Your private information will not be disclosed to anyone.
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Are you above 18 years old?
Please keep in mind I won't take R-18 commissions from anyone under 18.
What kind of fic are you interesed in?
Please describe what you want in the commission.
This description is to give me a general idea of what you're looking for. Include things such as if you want specific characters to appear, the genre of the piece, situations and the like.
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Do you want your commission to be uploaded to my AO3?
In case you don't want the fic to be made public, I will only send you the PDF file.
Is it from any of these fandoms?
Are you requesting for a pairing?
Please describe the pairing(s) you want to be included in the fic.
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If you are including OCs, please describe them here.
Include anything that you deem relevant or of interest for me to write about your OCs. Links to Character sheets or pages like Charahub are welcome as well. Try to be as detailed as possible. I will still ask you if I have questions about how to get your character right.
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