2020-2021 School Options
In preparation of returning to school safely this Fall, Colbert County Schools is seeking input to ensure that we continue to offer the best and safest school experience for all of our students. Alabama schools are reopening with a variety of learning opportunities, including in-person and/or remote instruction. We are moving forward with a plan to open in early August. Colbert County School's 2020-2021 Academic Calendar will be revised in order to allow for a later start date, with student's first day of school moving from August 6th to August 10th.

Alabama's Roadmap for Reopening this Fall includes a remote learning option for those who may not be comfortable with returning to traditional school or for those who may be high-risk for COVID infection. Colbert County Schools is evaluating our learning programs for next year, including:

- Traditional Classroom- Face-to-Face, on-campus instruction, Pre-COVID-19 classroom
- Blended Instruction - Combination of face-to-face, on-campus, instruction plus remote learning
- Remote Instruction - Totally remote classroom, all online instruction w/ digital communication

Under this plan, you have input as to what you hope this school year will look like for your student when we return in the Fall. More information will be provided as we receive it. Please take a moment to answer the following survey questions. Keep in mind that it will be required to remain in the setting you choose for a minimum of the entire semester.

If necessary, school officials may follow up with you based on your answers. Thank you for your response in these unprecedented times.
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