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2023 Chicken & Turkey Order Form
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     Link’d Hearts Ranch poultry are raised on pasture, consuming grass, and a Non-GMO mix of barley, wheat, and peas grown on the Palouse and sold by our neighbors Eric and Sheryl at Zakarison Partnership. Our poultry receive no antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts in their ration. They are processed by Richard and Alyssa along with their family under clean, sanitary conditions with a WSDA state inspection permit. This type of rearing and processing results in wholesome, delicious chickens rarely available to consumers. Our fresh, never frozen chickens are picked up by the customer on our farm within 48 hours of processing. 
     To order chicken please fill out the order form below with the number of whole birds you want to purchase for each batch. Please be sure to supply an email address you check regularly and make sure to list us as a contact so you do not have your emails sent to your spam folder. You will receive a confirmation email with the answers you have provided today for your reference. The week prior to processing you will be sent an email with a link to make an appointment for your pick up time and day. All pick ups are on done on the Thursday and Friday evening, and Saturday mornings after your chickens have been processed and chilled. We must receive your appointment confirmation no later than 24 hours prior to processing to hold your order. Washington State law only gives us a 48 hour window for all on farm pick ups to be complete. If you don't confirm or need to cancel your order we will offer your order for sale to the waitlist customers. We do allow a friend or relative to pick up your order on your behalf, let us know how we can help make sure you get your order. All chicken are $6/ pound (please see above for a discount opportunity). When you arrive to our farm for your pick up appointment your order will be taken out of our chill tank, bagged and weighed so we can total your payment. Payments can be made with cash, check, Venmo, and credit/ debit card. Due to the nature of the product we cannot give an order total in advance. We aim to have our chickens weigh between 4.5-5.5 pounds each but can be smaller or larger based on weather patterns and growth rates. We reserve the right to adjust pick up days if necessary. All birds are cleaned and ready for cooking or freezing for later use. 
How Many Chickens would you like on June 22-24
How Many Chickens would you like on August 10-12
How Many Chickens would you like for September 28-30
    Our turkeys are raised on pasture, eating the same grain ration and processed in the same way as our chickens. (Details above.) The only difference is that turkey processing will be done over 2 Saturdays with pick ups on Saturday evening and during the day Sunday. Emails will be sent for pick up appointment confirmation prior to processing. All turkeys are broad breasted whites and will make an excellent show piece for your holiday table. Our climate is not conducive to processing outdoors after the freezing temperatures begin, turkeys are therefore ready in October. Please make sure your freezer is prepared if you plan to save your turkeys for the holidays. All turkeys are $8/ pound and we anticipate a range of 12-24 pounds but it all depends on growth rates and weather. (Please see above for a discount opportunity.) If turkeys grow faster than expected, we reserve the right to change the date of pick up to avoid overly large birds. 
How Many Turkeys would you like on October 14-15 or October 21-22? 
    We anticipate our hens to be laying by June. 

Are you interested in being contacted when we begin a delivery route to Pullman or have on farm pick up available?
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