Documenting Nebraska Voices: How does COVID-19 affect you?
History Nebraska needs your help to document the impact of COVID-19 in Nebraska, and invites you to share your story and add your voice to the historical record. History Nebraska’s collections encompass all aspects of life in our state, from the extraordinary to the everyday. Each photograph, journal, and object tells a unique story. By collecting, we develop a better understanding of the life of a business owner in Grand Island, to a teacher in Valentine, and everyone in between. By contributing your story today, you are ensuring future Nebraskans have the ability to understand and appreciate what life was like in our time.

We understand your thoughts and opinions may change over time, so we invite you to complete this survey as many times as you like. You may chose to be anonymous when journal entries.

Thank you for sharing your story. If you have questions, contact us at

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How is COVID-19 affecting your life?
What are your feelings regarding reopening plans and changes to directed health measures?  
Have you taken precautions  to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
How has your family life been affected? If you have children, how has this experience impacted your relationship with them? Please describe.
If you are employed, what is your occupation and how has your work life changed?
If you own a business, how has COVID-19 impacted your business?
If you are a student how has your education experience been affected?
If you are an essential worker, how has COVID-19 affected you?  
How are you coping? What are things that help you cope? Do you have favorite outdoor activities or locations in Nebraska?
If you have quarantined yourself and those in your household, how was this experience? What are some of the things you missed most during this time? Is there anything specific to Nebraska that you especially missed?
How are you dealing with the feelings of isolation, are there ways you are connecting with others?
If you are experiencing homelessness, how has COVID-19 affected you?
Are you concerned about the economy? How have your buying and spending habits changed?
What are your thoughts on Shelter in Place or Stay at Home orders?
Have you or anyone else you know tested positive for COVID-19?
Have you seen any positive outcomes as a result of COVID-19?
Have you participated in any volunteer or fundraising efforts?
Do you think the United States and Nebraska will change after this experience? If yes, how?
Note: If you think you may submit future responses, please pick something unique and answer this field consistently. This way Archives staff may track and group your responses.
Race or Ethnicity
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