Tester Application
Apply to be a Tester for Undercards!

The role of Testers is simple - test new features for the game, such as new cards or balance changes. As a tester, you will have access to the test server and a testing channel, so that you may test for bugs, balance, and to make sure everything is working as intended before it is released.

You will be expected to play the game regularly and be able to play competitively so that ranked decks can be balanced according to your testing. You must be familiar with many of the interactions, and be available about a week before each patch so that you can help test.
What are your Undercards and Discord usernames? *
What is your level and last season's rank? *
How often do you play? When did you start playing? *
What do you plan to do as a tester? *
Why would you be a good pick for tester? *
You acknowledge that as a Tester, you must adhere to the staff guidelines and listen to the heads of staff when they give general direction to the team? *
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