Kami Certified Educator - Step 5: Confirmation
Hurray! You've made it to the last and final step of your journey in becoming a Kami Certified Educator.
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Please use the same email address you used in the application process, this will ensure the Kami Community Team is able to keep track of your application and Fundamental Course completion.
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Please include a secondary email in case we are unable to send you your certificate and badge through your school email address
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Step 1: Application Form *
This step required you to fill in a Google Form to express your interest.
Step 2: Kami Fundamentals Course *
This step required you to gain basic training of Kami tools and features to improve your product proficiency.
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This step required you to join or follow Kami's online community channels and groups.
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This step also required you to share your impact story–a great way to introduce yourself to the community.
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