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We're looking for stories from anyone and everyone who has been involved with Arts Corps throughout our history of arts programs. Whether you are a current or past student in our programs, a parent of a student, a teaching artist, classroom assistant, program partner, donor, or community member impacted by Arts Corps, we want to hear from YOU!

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability. You will have the option of having your answers sent to you after you submit. You may return to your submission to edit it.

If you indicate you'd like to be contacted for a potential feature, you may be contacted for further information. We have many opportunities to showcase your story through written features, video interviews, and other spotlights and we'll do our best to feature your story!

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Be sure to specify what program(s) you have participated in and what years you participated. Consider the following questions in telling us your story:

How did you first get involved and what were your expectations then (if any)?

What challenges did you face/what happened/who did you meet that changed your pathway to where you are today?

What did you learn about yourself during the process? What are you doing now and where are you going next?

Did your involvement in Arts Corps programs inspire you to engage more deeply in your community or activism/organizing work?

Any specific stories from your Arts Corps classes?

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