Volunteering to help with specific press jobs for the south-east region press team
This form is for people who are volunteering to help with press roles for the XR south-east region group in October. Note that we need as many volunteers as possible for all roles, including coordination, so that we can make sure we have people on site and off site at all times ready to respond to press queries and to make sure journalists on site get connected to good spokespeople. Any questions, get in touch with Ben Kenward, south-east press coordinator for October, 07857 445653, ben.kenward@gmail.com.
Which of the following roles are you interested in? Please tick at least one. *
What skills and experience do you have in each of the roles you have volunteered for? If you want to be a spokesperson, please also list any specific areas you specialise in.
What county are you based in (note no R in county)? *
What is your nearest town that has local news outlets? *
What is your phone number? *
What is your email? *
Can you share your phone number and email with the other people in the south-east region press team (but not beyond; if you can't, it will be challenging for you to do most of these roles)? *
Do you have any other media skills you'd like to report (e.g. social media)?
Anything else you'd like to add?
What is your name?
Submitting this form means you agree to the following. If you become part of the south-east press team and thereby gain access to contact details of other members of the team, you agree not to share any such individual's contact details outside the group without the explicit permission of that individual.
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