NEOLUG Membership Information
If you are interested in becoming a member of NEOLUG, please fill out this form. Please only fill this out if you are truly interested.

To be a member of NEOLUG you MUST be an AFOL. You must not spread "leaks." See below for specific information on "leaking."

"Leaking" as defined by The Lego Group® (which includes, but not limited to, posting, sharing, tweeting, broadcasting, and other forms of electronic, verbal, printed or other communication) is strictly prohibited activity for members of our organization. We take this as seriously as The Lego Group®. Leaking materials that are not available to the public will result in immediate removal from NEOLUG, and whatever The Lego Group® may want to do you as a separate action.

YOU WILL receive an email once your application has been read. Please be aware that it will be arriving and check your spam/junk folder. We will only contact you once. If you do not reply, we will assume that you are not interested.
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NEOLUG is an only adult (18+) club. If you are interested in joining to have your child take part, we suggest you look into school programs and your local library. Again, we are an adults only club.
Where are you located? *
Our club members are spread out across North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania. To be an active member of NEOLUG, you are going to have to drive. We display all over North Eastern Ohio and North Western Pennsylvania. And currently, we are trying to keep our meetings to a central location for all members. But at this time that can be up to a 90 minute drive.
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If so, please provide a list and your username. If you would prefer to link us directly, that would be prefered.
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